• Customer-centered & Service-oriented Flag in Top Quality

  • Very Competitive Registration Tariff

  • Simple Requirement & Speedy Ship Registration Process

  • Efficient & Systematic Ship Registration Procedure

  • Incentive & Special discount for Fleet Registration & New building ships

  • Speedy Process of Crew’s Endorsement Issue

  • Friendly & Professional Staff in Registration & Technical Field

  • Successful Register to IMO STCW White List

  • Drastic Change of Flag Image to Positive through Flag Clean-Up Policy

  • Remarkable Improvement of Ship’s Detention Records

  • Worldwide Network of Deputy Registrars in Maritime Field

  • Systematic Worldwide Network of Recognized Organization for Statutory Survey

  • Worldwide Network of GFI

  • ISO Certified for Ship Registration & other Certification related to Cambodia Flag

  • Effective Administrative Controls in Perfect System

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